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Dr. Anita Vorreyer is a health and wellness coach who helps people who have received a life-changing diagnosis to move through the shock and overwhelm and into calm confidence equipped with strategies, tools, and support.  

 Dr. Anita understands that receiving a life changing diagnosis often creates shock and fear, and frequently leaves one confused, searching for information, strategies, and support.  Having to make life changes can feel overwhelming and support isn't always there.  Any healing may seem impossible.

Dr. Anita, although not a medical doctor, became a coach after her own experience with life-changing diagnoses.  A mother of three with a career in higher education, she received a life-changing diagnosis the same day that her husband received his life-changing diagnosis.  

Determined to heal and contend with the changes in life that were necessary, she began to study and work with different natural healing modalities.  As she healed and developed strategies that helped her husband with his condition, she began sharing those healing strategies with others and saw amazing results in them as well. 

Dr. Anita believes in addressing the whole person and promotes holistic healing strategies.  She knows from her own experience that healing, to whatever degree, is an inside job that involves body, mind, and spirit. 

Dr. Anita holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership, received her certification as a coach from the Coach Training Alliance, and certification as a Transformation Specialist and as a Nutrition Specialist from the International Association of Sports Science.

Outside of her passion for coaching and helping people cope with a life-changing diagnosis, Dr. Anita loves spending time with her grandchildren, cooking, and walking on the beach.

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