Success Stories

"The Healing Strategist has forever changed my life for the better, and I am grateful.  Thank you!"    

                                                                                                          Dr. Edward Larbi, Jacksonville, FL


"After having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and suffering from severe fatigue and pain, I decided to take a more natural approach to taking care of myself.  My experience with The Healing Strategist and Dr. Anita's coaching has been excellent.  It has really helped!"

                                                                                                          Bobbie, Brunswick, GA


"Most men of a 'certain age' are surprised when they realize that pain and fatigue are no longer occasional visitors resulting from infrequent stress, the price paid by a weekend warrior.  When a man comes to accept that he no longer has the energy to pursue vigorous activities, that he needs much longer to recover from exertion, that he just doesn't feel well and that  this has become his status quo, he is allowing his life to begin its decline, and admitting to himself that he is getting 'old'.  Whatever that age is for the individual, it is usually the result of a lifetime of taking risks without taking care and of assuming responsibility for everyone else without investing in himself.  In my early forties a major illness forced me to come to grips with not only my mortality, but a much diminished prospect for a good quality of life if I survived the crisis of the moment.  Never one to accept defeat, I chose to take a different path.  Supported by The Healing Strategist's coaching and the application of techniques designed to focus my life on healing, recovery, and deeper awareness, I have not grown 'old' as I've aged.  I've grown stronger.  I have greater stamina, less pain and greater effectiveness.  I'm able to out work, out walk, and out play many who are years younger.  Commit to your better self and highest potential.  Let The Healing Strategist help you to rewrite your life's story as it has helped me to re-write mine."

                                                                                                             Mitchell M., Atlanta, GA

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